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Edna's Story

One morning while on vacation, Edna woke up and immediately knew something was wrong. She couldn't move her left leg … couldn't lift her left arm … and couldn't reach the phone. Her husband returned from a walk a few minutes later and rushed Edna, a registered nurse, to the nearest trauma center – ironically, the hospital where she has worked for nearly 30 years.

Edna was placed in the intensive care unit. She recalls how scared she was, unsure if she had the courage to face what each new day would bring. Soon, however, she was transferred to Kessler's Center for Stroke Rehabilitation and her outlook – along with her abilities – began to improve. Within two days, Edna was taking her first steps. And in time, this award-winning nurse regained much of the strength and function in her arm and leg.

She returned home to continue her rehabilitation as an outpatient, participating in Kessler's highly respected modified constraint induced therapy program as part of her comprehensive course of physical and occupational therapies. But what has perhaps influenced her recovery most is the support she received from her family and friends, as well as other stroke patients.

Through this experience, Edna may have found a new direction in which to channel her considerable talent and energy: public service. She is planning to combine her nursing background with her personal insight on the challenges of stroke to raise awareness and help other stroke survivors move on with their lives.

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