Vocational Rehabilitation

One of the many important goals of a comprehensive rehabilitation program is to help individuals return to competitive employment, school or volunteer services and encourage them to be productive members of their communities.

This results-oriented program focuses on helping individuals to develop the skills and strategies needed to both establish and achieve realistic career goals. Our vocational counselors assist clients, 17 years of age or older, as they return to work or school after an injury, illness or recovery from substance or alcohol abuse.

Our Approach

We understand that re-entering the job market or returning to school can be a challenging experience and our vocational counselors work closely with each client to individualize his or her program and provide the necessary tools to help ease the transition.

Intake Interview

The Career Guidance and Placement process begins with a personal consultation. Through this initial interview, Kessler's counselors gather important background information, including medical history, education and work experience, family and social issues, and personal goals and interests. This information is carefully evaluated with respect to an individual's physical, cognitive or learning disabilities and an overall plan for testing and career-mapping is developed.

Vocational Evaluation

A series of tests – including aptitude, personality, academics, problem solving, organizational skills, computer aptitude and clerical abilities – are administered to each client to assess his or her individual potential. The results enable our counselors to identify transferable skills and help the client in setting realistic job goals. At this point, a specific action plan is devised, one that highlights the steps needed to overcome any potential obstacles.

Work Trials

Clients are offered a variety of opportunities to participate in hands-on work tasks both at Kessler and in the community. Through such activities, clients gain a valuable understanding of the work environment and counselors are better able to assess the individual's overall organizational skills, such as planning, problem-solving, accuracy and speed.

Career Counseling

Based on the test results, our counselors will help individuals gain a greater awareness and knowledge of their strengths. We will assist with writing resumes, building job-seeking skills and exploring career opportunities through a variety of tools, including computerized job matching and other internet resources. General job market information and placement assistance are also provided.

Referral Services

Our counselors will make referrals to other agencies, such as New Jersey's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) to help coordinate funding for further training, adaptive equipment or site modifications that may be necessary for a client to return to work or school.

In addition, clients may be referred to other Kessler programs, including our comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy services; wheelchair clinic; driver rehabilitation program; cognitive remediation program; or substance abuse counseling to help advance their career options.

For More Information

For more information about Kessler's Vocational Rehabilitation Services, contact or call Kessler's West Orange, Saddle Brook or Chester Campus.