Vision Services

Vision is a complex process that enables individuals to recognize objects, detail, color and contrast. This ability gradually diminishes with age, but it can also be affected by injury, illness or disease.

According to the National Eye Institute, more than two million people over the age of 40 suffer from low vision – a visual impairment severe enough to interfere with an individual's ability to perform daily activities. Ophthalmologists and optometrists often prescribe special lenses or other optical devices to help maximize sight. At Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, our specialized occupational therapists work closely with low vision patients to maximize usable vision, develop compensatory skills, and gain confidence to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible.


Low vision is often caused by macular degeneration or other deterioration of the eye function, as well as by a stroke, brain injury or diabetes. As a result, individuals have great difficulty reading, identifying objects, seeing obstacles such as furniture, steps, walls and curbs, and may even experience problems recognizing familiar faces.

Our Approach

Kessler's highly specialized vision rehabilitation therapists focus on patient education and on providing the adaptive skills necessary for personal safety and independence. A comprehensive evaluation is made and a treatment plan is tailored plan individual needs and lifestyle.

Your Treatment

For individuals with low vision, learning to use the most effective strategies and employing the right adaptive equipment is key. Kessler therapists introduce specialized exercises and a wide range of therapeutic interventions to help meet each patient's rehabilitation goals.

Using proven therapies and innovative technologies – including computer othoptics and Dynavision® prism training, we work to maximize each patient's ability to go about their daily routine with safety and confidence. Additional recommendations may include a home exercise program, modifications to the home or work environment and the use of such equipment as big button phones, large print materials and even talking clocks.

Many Kessler physicians and therapists are also engaged in promising research studies that may offer new avenues of treatment for individuals with low vision.

Our Outcomes

We are proud that U.S. News & World Report recognizes Kessler as one of the nation's best rehabilitation hospitals … but we're prouder still of the progress our patients make each day.

In fact, studies indicate that 80% to 90% of people with low vision can benefit from a specialized rehabilitation therapy program.

For More Information

For more information about Kessler's Vision Services, contact or call Kessler's West Orange, Saddle Brook or Chester Campus.