Urology Services

Kessler's Urology Department is nationally and internationally recognized for the excellence of care provided to individuals with bladder problems due to spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, and other neurologic injuries or conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

We also offer a well established adult urology spina bifida clinic. For individuals with neurogenic bladder, the goals are to maintain healthy kidneys, prevent additional bladder problems, and to maintain a bladder management program that allows the person as much independence as possible.

Our Approach

To maintain these goals, the department provides education and teaching, bladder testing and treatment from a highly experienced team headed by Todd A. Linsenmeyer, M.D.. Dr. Linsenmeyer, recognized among the nation's leading physicians, is triple board certified in urology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. He was the chairman of a recent national guideline on bladder management following SCI, as well as a national guideline on autonomic dysreflexia. He and members of the Urology Department are continue to explore new avenues of treatment through research on urinary tract infections, catheter care and male infertility.

Your Treatment

The professional staff in our Urology Department offer patients a range of advanced techniques and treatments to examine, assess and treat the often complex problem of the urinary system. Our focus is on helping each patient maintain the highest level of function and personal hygiene.

In addition, the Urology Department is involved in evaluation and management of male erectile dysfunction and infertility due to neurological causes … and works closely with female patients with spinal cord and other injuries on obstetric and gynecological issues.

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