Pain Management

For those individuals who experience pain that adversely impacts their daily life, Kessler's Pain Management Program can help. While providing support and understanding, our goal is to help restore function, reduce the presence of persistent pain and improve quality of life.

Our Patients

Kessler's renowned interdisciplinary Pain Management Program is designed for individuals with:

  • Back, neck, head or some other form of chronic pain
  • Pain that has not responded to traditional medical treatments
  • Unremitting pain despite analgesic medication
  • Pain due to arthritis, cancer or neuropathies
  • Physical deficits associated with pain
  • Inability to perform normal daily routine or job duties because of pain
  • Interest in exploring all conservative treatments prior to considering surgery

Our Approach

Kessler's pain management experts offer an innovative program in which where education, behavior modification, functional restoration and analgesic trials work hand-in-hand. Patients learn to control pain behavior, modify their lifestyles and engage in appropriate physical activities to regain productivity and independence.

Because pain is a physical and emotional issue, treatment begins with a complete evaluation by both a physiatrist and a psychologist. The pain management team then develops an individualized program for each patient. Treatment is available on either an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Our Specialized Services

Kessler helps individuals effectively manage pain through a combination of evidence-based therapies and innovative treatment that, depending on individual needs and goals, may include:

  • Biomechanically & physiologically sound exercise programs
  • Analgesic trials
  • Psychological pain management
  • Individual & group therapy
  • Selective nerve blocks
  • Stress reduction & relaxation
  • Electromyogram (EMG) biofeedback
  • Alternative medicine
  • Work hardening
  • Vocational counseling

For More Information

For more information about Kessler's Pain Management Program, contact or call Kessler's West Orange, Saddle Brook or Chester Campus.