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Monifa Brooks, MD

Monifa Brooks, M.D.

Our patients are still the same fathers and sons, wives and sisters…Sure, life ahead will be different, but it can still be rich and rewarding in ways they never thought possible.

Hope. It's a small word, but one that holds great meaning for a patient who has experienced a catastrophic injury or illness. Few understand this better than Monifa Brooks, a physiatrist specializing in treating individuals with spinal cord injury.

Monifa Brooks looks after a patient"I feel privileged to be able to work with some of the most medically complex patients, those who are on ventilators, those who may have a concomitant brain injury or other complications," says Dr. Brooks. "It's not always easy. There is no magic wand that can change what has happened, but there is always hope. Realistic hope. And that's what I try to give my patients and their families."

In collaboration with a team of rehabilitation specialists – nurses, therapists, case managers and support staff, including pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services – Dr. Books delivers the highest level of care with compassion, understanding and a well-timed sense of humor. She guides her patients each step along the way, helping them to rebuild their lives and continues to follow their progress for years to come.

"I think the biggest challenge is getting patients and their families to look ahead, not back. It's not about what they've lost or how they did things before their injury."

With promising new treatments and advancing technologies, no one knows what the future will bring. But one thing is certain: with hope, there are no limits.