Patient Stories

"One of my many goals was to return to teaching. I'm blessed to have achieved this and so much more."

Janet Davis
Stroke Patient

Janet Davis has a rare gift. The former singer and radio personality has used her rich voice to entertain, inform, question and inspire. Today her stage is the classroom where she guides middle school students in building language arts skills, and perhaps more important, life skills.

It's a voice she almost lost. In school one day, Janet suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head, then lost feeling in her leg. Her speech became garbled. She was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center, diagnosed with a stroke and placed in intensive care. Once stable, she transferred to Kessler's Center for Stroke Rehabilitation, her new 'classroom.'

"I was thankful to be alive, but I wasn't 'me.' My thoughts were jumbled. My speech wasn't thereā€¦ I couldn't find my words. I had no sense of balance and couldn't stand or walk. And so I began my 'pity party.'"

But that didn't last long as Janet began an intensive program of physical, occupational, speech and cognitive rehabilitation, combined with nursing and medical care. She soon realized that recovery takes time and that "it would take as long as it takes to get better." With hard work, the expert help of her Kessler and a can-do attitude, she regained her abilities and, most of all, her voice.

"Listen. Learn. And trust yourself," she counsels. "That's what it's all about."

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