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Kessler Center for Wound Care Opens in Ramsey

Ramsey, NJ – Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation has announced the opening of its new center for the specialized care of individuals with chronic wounds.

Kessler Center for Wound Care, located at 470 North Franklin Turnpike in Ramsey, offers leading-edge treatment to help heal wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections, radiation injuries to soft tissue and bone, and skin grafts and flaps, and improve the quality of life for its patients.

"More than eight million Americans suffer from chronic wounds, and more than a million new cases are diagnosed each year," said Bruce Pomeranz, M.D., Medical Director, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and Kessler Center for Wound Care. "This growing health care challenge is often related to diabetes, obesity, aging, the late effects of radiation therapy and other conditions. But research shows that specialized wound care treatment can optimize healing, reduce complications, and decrease the risk of hospital stays and surgery."

The Kessler Center for Wound Care has partnered with Healogics™, the world's largest wound care management organization, to provide the advanced treatment and proven protocols to effectively treat chronic wounds, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure therapies, bioengineered tissues and biosynthetics.

Chronic non-healing wounds are generally defined as a sore, ulcer or other skin breakdown that that has not responded or significantly improved with conventional treatment over a 30-day period. These wounds are often associated with inadequate circulation, poorly functioning veins and immobility, and can lead to serious complications, including amputation.

According to Program Director and Certified Wound Care specialist Cari Perez, R.N., one of the most common causes of non-healing wounds is diabetes, a condition that affects nearly 26 million people. "It is estimated that 15% of all diabetics will develop chronic wounds. The individualized care and state-of-the science treatment that we provide offers our patients new hope for healing."

Education, training and community outreach are also part of the Center's commitment to care excellence. Patients may also have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and multi-center studies.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Kessler Center for Wound Care at 201.962.8558.

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